Founder reflects on 30 years of Multiplan

November 21, 2022

It’s impossible to celebrate Multiplan’s 30th anniversary without celebrating founder Terry Coleman’s contribution to three millimetre-perfect decades of drafting and shop detailing.

Terry’s DNA is embedded in Multiplan, from his innate ability to anticipate a project’s complexities, to his expertise developing and applying solutions to address them.

With close to 50 years’ experience in drafting and shop detailing under his belt in total, Terry’s skills in quoting and estimations are unrivalled, all backed by relationships built on trust, honesty and exceptional customer service.

Since 1993, Terry has helped steer Multiplan through decades of change, including our evolving service offering, our rapidly expanding client base and the increasingly sophisticated software that is now a hallmark of our industry.

After starting with drawing boards and a single early Autocad machine providing detail drawings exclusively to fabricators, we’re now using state-of-the-art software to deliver construction models and a raft of deliverables direct to project owners, engineers, builders and fabricators.

While the drafting landscape has changed, Multiplan’s focus on people as its core strength has remained constant.

“The most rewarding aspect for me as a founding partner has been sharing the journey of all our staff as they develop and grow,” Terry says.

“This includes trainees progressing to top-class modellers, as well as their personal growth, from first car, to marriage, first home and having a family.”

The past three decades have brought challenges too, arguably the biggest of which was navigating the business through the GFC and then the 2015 mining downturn.

“Maintaining business viability while cushioning the toll on our valued staff was stressful,” Terry says.

But true to form, Terry helped ensure Multiplan continued to learn, evolve and grow.

His favourite motto – that no mistake goes unfound in our industry – underpins everything we do at Multiplan and is a mantra Terry has been passing onto our up-and-coming modelling professionals.

“The next generation of construction modellers are set to deliver a new level of fault-free construction data that will streamline the industry through all levels of fabrication, procurement, erection, commissioning and maintenance,” Terry says.

“This will secure their future in an onshore industry that is second to none.”

Terry has been involved in numerous landmark projects for Multiplan over the years, at home and overseas, but one in particular stands out as a recent milestone.

“The most memorable was a turning point for Multiplan with the successful completion in 2018 of Perth’s Matagarup Bridge,” he says.

“Multiplan Managing Director Kane Nitschke lead a dynamic team, through our most challenging project yet, to deliver an outstanding outcome for our client, for WA and for Multiplan.”

As Multiplan continues to evolve into a multi-national company delivering a diverse range of construction services, we are committed to staying true to the values that Terry has helped instil in our team.

Moving to a contract role and semi-retirement in 2023, Terry’s exceptional experience and expertise will continue to be available to our clients.  

“Throughout my time as a leader over the past 30 years, I could not have envisaged leaving Multiplan in such a strong position, with dynamic staff and talented leadership,” Terry says.

Thank you, Terry. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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