Wind farm, NSW

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Wind farm, NSW


Global provider of renewable energy

Project Vision

Wind farms have become an essential part of our renewable energy future, powering hundreds of thousands of homes and bringing critical savings in emissions.

Our client is a global leader in harnessing wind, sun and water to drive energy production.

Helping Australia move towards a more sustainable future by reducing emissions through renewable energy generation, our client’s technology brings significant improvements in annual energy production, along with increased efficiency in serviceability, and improved logistics and siting potential.

Powerful and efficient, its advanced turbine technology offers improved logistics to drive down costs and open up site locations previously inaccessible.Nearly 50 turbines were imported from Europe for this new wind farm in NSW.

The jumbo-sized towers, nacelles and blades were then assembled on site to their full height of 200m.

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The Multiplan Difference

Multiplan was appointed to design and detail a machine head fixture to suit transport conditions as the giant turbines made the 14,000km journey – by sea and by road – from Europe to the project site.

Our scope of work also included the design and detail of an installation-tool-combined-shipping-fixture for the wind turbine drive train and rotor hub. The tool allowed the components to be precision-connected on site and then lifted and installed to the top of the wind turbine tower.

By providing our design, construction modelling and shop detailing services in a direct client engagement capacity, we were able to deliver a local product to suit Australian standards and conditions, while integrating a host of considerations for international transport standards.

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Wind turbine machinery is expensive to transport and handle, so the rigorous design process included numerous design reviews with the client and its consultants to ensure every angle was considered.

Multiplan’s Australian design, modelling and detailing expertise, in partnership with local structural engineering expertise from Toro Engineering, enabled the design of a tool that not only suited this wind farm project, but that will also be of great benefit to our client’s future projects.

Our meticulous design approach considered all transport and mechanical conditions for successfully transporting over-sized components across 14,000kms of land and sea.

High levels of flexibility and collaboration were demanded, responding to input from our NSW-based client, as well as renewable energy experts from across the globe.


Multiplan is proud to have worked with sub-contractor Toro Engineering (formerly PJC Engineering) on this project.