Topgolf Oberhausen

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Topgolf Oberhausen


Pfeifer Structures for Topgolf Entertainment Group

Project Vision

Taking the world’s sports and entertainment industry by storm, TopGolf Entertainment Group is on a global growth path, with Germany becoming the sixth country to host a Topgolf venue and the first in continental Europe.

A headline attraction from a global operation that entertains more than 20 million guests annually, Topgolf Oberhausen includes 102 high-tech gaming, climate controlled, outdoor hitting bays.

But it’s the towering 53m-high cone-shaped steel masts defining the perimeter of the outfield that were the focus for Multiplan’s team of meticulous construction modelling and steel detailing experts.

Topgolf’s most ambitious mast design yet, the conical steel structures demanded not just precision 3D modelling, but also value-adding design and fabrication insights, plus logistics that went above and beyond.

Topgolf Oberhausen is the newest addition to more than 60 Topgolf venues across the US, UK, Mexico, Australia and the U.A.E.

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The Multiplan Difference

Multiplan was engaged to bring its design, construction modelling and shop detailing expertise to the Topgolf Oberhausen project, working directly with the client in collaboration with the engineers and designers.

Each 53m-high tapered mast consisted of 10-24 conical sections with varying wall thickness and diameters, all designed and fabricated as separate components to be welded together to create 54 assemblies which are then bolted on site to create 14 immense steel structures.

With the design of the 250+ conical components demanding meticulous attention to detail, and the sheer scale of the masts pushing boundaries in the use of steel in design, painstaking 3D modelling was required to identify issues before they could arise.

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Our value-adding services included design assist, helping match the huge fabrication and welding task to available capabilities so that the project could become a reality without losing any of its impact.

Multiplan arranged for the individual steel components to be fabricated in either Greece or Bulgaria, depending on the thickness and diameter of the different sections.

Known for doing what’s needed in order to deliver on our promise, we also looked after the logistics of the over-sized transport needed to bring everything together on site in Germany to complete the design vision.

Working closely with the client during the design phase, we were able to resolve complex fabrication and erection issues while driving time and cost efficiencies.

Our English-speaking team based in Bulgaria kept communication smooth and seamless between the client, engineers, fabricators and sub-contractors, ensuring we remained flexible and versatile as the complex design evolved.


Multiplan is proud to have worked on Topgolf Oberhausen with PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH (client) and Horizont Ivanov(fabricator).