Matagarup Bridge


Matagarup Bridge, Perth, Western Australia



Project Vision

Whether you see flying swans, a swimming dolphin, a Noongar Rainbow Serpent or an undulating ribbon, there’s no denying the Matagarup Bridge is a striking addition to the natural beauty of Perth’s beloved Swan River.

While the bridge arch assembly and complex lifting process was a first for an infrastructure project in WA, the sculptural steel sweeps and curves are actually a trick of the eye.

No curved pipe has been used at all in the 3-span, steel, cable-stayed suspension bridge, which rises to a breathtaking 72metres above the water at its apex.

Instead, each and every single steel piece of pipe had to be designed and fabricated to form a bridge that appears curved. Precision was everything. Any imperfect joins risked destroying the design vision.

Stretching 370 metres from bank to bank with a steel cable-stay span of 160 metres at its centre, the pedestrian bridge connects East Perth to the Burswood Peninsula and the acclaimed Optus Stadium with its surrounding footpaths, cycleways, playgrounds and picnic spots.

Named in recognition of the cultural significance to the local Whadjuk community of the immediate Swan River area, the Matagarup Bridge is covered in 300 metres of multicoloured LED lighting to bring its distinctive shape to life against the night sky.

The Multiplan Difference

Multiplan was engaged to take over the design model, making modifications to not only bring it up to design speed and Australian standards, but to ensure the construction detail was visually pleasing in line with the overall vision.

Instrumental in the design phase applying Multiplan’s DCETM service in an early client engagement capacity, our team then translated the concept for the iconic infrastructure project into fully resolved 3D models and millimetre-perfect structural fabrication drawings.

Skilled at working collaboratively, we knew enhanced teamwork was critical as the project not only involved the client’sItalian-based alliance partner, but it had already been significantly disrupted.

By developing innovative design, digital engineering and fabrication approaches, Multiplan was able to get the high-profile bridge project back on track and completed ahead of expectations.


Scribing – marking the pipes where they needed to be joined – required pinpoint accuracy and precise marking on the shop drawings.


Multiplan’s modelling drawings were used by Civmec in the welding/fabrication shed, while surveyors used the modelling within a virtual workshop to ensure fittings and cleats were placed in exactly the right position.


Working in a design capacity, Multiplan made major modifications, including changes in relation to lighting and cleats to make sure they were aesthetically pleasing.


A team of expert construction modellers and steel drafting experts from Multiplan spent six months in the Civmec offices working on the modelling and detailing. At one stage, we had around 75 construction modellers and steel detailing experts working on the project, including teams in our Western Australian, European and Asian offices working collaboratively to deliver the structural steel detailing package.


Multiplan is proud to have worked with Civmec on the Matagarup Bridge, a project of the Swan River Pedestrian Bridge Alliance comprising Main Roads WA, York Civil and Rizzani de Eccher.