Sydney Gateway Project


Sydney Gateway Project



Project Vision

With its 19 bridges, viaduct flyover, integrated Aboriginal art, feature lighting and kilometres of roads, cycleways and pedestrian pathways, the Sydney Gateway project is creating a new landmark entry statement for Australia’s tourism capital.

The multi-layered design taps into the strength and design adaptability of steel to help create clean lines, frame views and highlight Welcome and Connection to Country through Aboriginal art.

The three major bridges, 16 minor bridges including a pedestrian bridge and16-span, 545m-long viaduct flyover are important elements of the design on several levels.

With their elevated geometries and impressive spans, the individual road bridges, super structures and canal crossings are highly visible elements that can be appreciated from various locations and distances.

These standout structures also ensure easy and continuous travel on a complex network of roads traversing each other at different levels.

The result is a new gateway experience for Sydney, marking a sense of arrival and departure, while providing a sense of place and natural connectivity.

The Multiplan Difference

Multiplan was engaged to bring its decades of bridge modelling and shop detailing expertise to the Sydney Gateway project in a Direct Fabricator Engagement (DFE™) capacity.

Multiplan was engaged to bring its decades of bridge modelling and shop detailing expertise to the Sydney Gateway project in a Direct Fabricator Engagement (DFE) capacity.

The first element Multiplan was engaged to work on was Bridge SB31, an82m-long structure spanning the Alexandra Canal, on Airport Drive to Qantas Drive. Consisting of three taper box girders supporting the concrete deck, this bridge was successfully erected in August 2022.

The second project involves Span 6 and Span 11 of the high-level viaduct over Qantas Drive. Each of these two spans consists of five curved trough girders straddling approximately 55m to support the banked concrete roadway.

The viaduct spans are horizontally curved and supported only on their endpiers, which restrain them from rotating. Their extremely complex set ofdimensional parameters create the curved and banked elevated roadway andinclude curved and sloping trough girders with combination radii, tiltedvarying crossfall, along with additional precambers and crossfalls.

Using Multiplan’s one-of-a-kind DFE approach, our team was able to bring an exceptional level of innovation and collaboration to the construction modelling and shop detailing processes.

Our development of re-usable fabrication jigs and perfection of modelling techniques are prime examples of how our early and direct engagement can ensure fabrication efficiency and success.

The innovations are also testament to the experience and diligence of ourtalented staff, and their pride in providing a holistic range of services to assist our clients with accurate documentation through every phase of procurement, fabrication, transport and erection of complex projects.

  • Precision models and fabrication drawings for the varying bridge trough girders, reflecting the precambers, curves and cross falls of the finished roadway.
  • Developing re-usable jig frames for the girders to ensure accurate and efficient fabrication and distortion control.
  • Survey data schedules to achieve client verification of girder dimensions in the jigs.
  • Accurate material take-offs for advance ordering of high-grade steel materials, navigating long lead times.
  • Fabrication models, detail drawings and data for girders.
  • Providing set-out data and liaising with surveyors for dimensional control of the girders and data for client verification survey.
  • Transport arrangements for girders including bolster steelwork through liaison with client, engineers and transport contractors.
  • Site erection steelwork set-out and details to allow accurate splice welding of girder spans prior to erection lifts.

Multiplan is proud to work with Civmec on the Sydney Gateway project, along with Toro Engineering Services for the design certification of jigs and transport design.