The Company

Leading the delivery of construction modelling and structural steel detailing services in Australia – and beyond

We are based in Perth, Western Australia, with European offices in Sofia and Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Over the years we have built a world-class team of tech-savvy construction modelling and steel detailing experts who ensure Multiplan can take on any project, no matter what the size or location.

We are a values-driven organisation, but our values are more than just words.


Values that are more than just words.

be Resilient

we accept every challenge, we never give up, we finish what we start

be Committed

we believe in honesty and respect, we dedicate ourselves to the goal, we are supportive and reliable to the team

be Collaborative

we all have a voice, we lead by example, we commit to the success of the team

be Innovative

we relentlessly improve, we find the differentiators, we be the best at it

be Motivated

we enthusiastically pursue goals, we encourage each other, we are passionate about what we do

be Versatile

we are adaptable and resourceful when faced with challenges, we embrace change


Values that are more than just words.

Championing diversity and inclusion