Mt Holland Lithium Project

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Mt Holland Lithium Project, Western Australia


Covalent Lithium

Project Vision

Contributing to the global energy revolution, Covalent Lithium’s Mount Holland Project is one of the biggest undeveloped hard-rock lithium projects in Australia.

Each year, approximately one million electric vehicles will be able to hit the road as a direct result of the project, which has been planned as a fully integrated operation overseeing the end-to-end production of battery-quality lithium hydroxide.

Part of the world’s clean energy future, battery-quality lithium hydroxide has the capacity to store electricity from renewable sources for a wide range of purposes, including household energy use as well as electric vehicles.

Global demand for lithium hydroxide is being driven by its significant environmental benefits as countries work to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels.

Covalent Lithium’s landmark project in Western Australia includes the construction and operation of a fully integrated mine and processing plant in Mount Holland, in the WA Goldfields, about 500kms east of Perth, and a world-class refinery, in Kwinana, WA’s premier industrial hub, close to the Port of Fremantle.

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The Multiplan Difference

Multiplan brings its early engagement services and shop detailing skills to the Covalent Lithium Refinery, to be built on a 40-hectare site in Kwinana.

As an early engagement partner and specialist in the design and construction of large-scale steel structures, our focus is on ensuring costly downstream delays are avoided and schedule integrity protected.

Multiplan’s scope of work includes producing the complex structural steel drawings and construction models for the refinery, designed with the capacity to produce approximately 45,000 tonnes of battery-grade lithium hydroxide per year.

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Data-rich models to guide, with pinpoint accuracy, the steel fabrication and construction stages.

Integrating the innovative Sikla proprietary system into the models to meet the challenges associated with piping and piping supports. Bringing time and cost benefits, the Sikla system provides a versatile, multifunctional steel framing solution for industrial, above-ground piping and heavy-duty cabling.

Multiplan’s high-end deliverables ready for use by local fabricators to design and construct the refinery, creating WA jobs and providing local supply and logistics benefits to the client.


Decades of steel drafting experience in Western Australia enables the Multiplan plan team to work directly with engineers’ models to produce the shop detailing deliverables. Eliminating the need for a full set of detailed design drawings helps streamline the process to meet tight project deadlines.

Manpower to respond to workflows and deadlines. Teams in Multiplan’s Western Australian and European offices working together, in collaboration with client, engineers and designers, to deliver the refinery shop detailing package, with as many as 60 precision modellers and detailers working on the project.


Multiplan is proud to work with Covalent Lithium, Hatch Engineering and Sikla on the Mount Holland Lithium Project.