Our aim at Multiplan is to be seen as the solution, that’s why our operation and service models are structured to help stop potential issues in their track, all while adding constructability insights, production intelligence and skilled resourcing along the way.

Our Direct Client Engagement (DCE™) model is the next evolution of the project client - detailer relationship, helping capture issues early on and preventing costly rework, delays and back charges at the fabrication and erection phases.

Our Direct Fabricator Engagement (DFE™) model has always been a traditional part of our industry, but this model reimagines this relationship. Fabricators appreciate having an expert team on hand who understand their capacity and requirements, ensuring smooth communication and precision drawings to work from.

Just two more ways Multiplan is proud to be driving change in the construction modelling industry.


At Multiplan we are more than just tech-savvy construction modelling experts. We are problem-solvers, innovators and value-adders. We are relationship-builders, collaborators and solution-seekers.